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General Instructions

The management of St. Joseph’s Mission Hospital wishes you a comfortable stay in the hospital and a speedy recovery. Kindly follow the instructions and help us in providing efficient Services.

  • Please do not remove patient’s id band until the patient is discharged from the hospital.
  • It is mandatory that only one bystander is allowed in patient room/ward after visiting hours.
  • It is mandatory that at least one bystander must be always available for the patient. If under any circumstances patient is left alone, it is strongly advisable to inform in the nursing station.
  • Two bystanders are allowed at a time only for bedridden patients. Rs.50/- per day would be levied/ charged if there are more people than mentioned.
  • Entry to the inpatient units are prohibited after 9 pm.
  • Only female bystanders are allowed in female wards.
  • The usage of electricity, water should be controlled or reduced as there is shortage of water on the earth.
  • Admitted patients are requested to pay the bill while purchasing medicines from the pharmacy each time.
  • Please keep your pharmacy bills until the discharge of the patient to return unused medicines in pharmacy.
  • Scheduled time for hot water availability (for taking bath)

    • Morning : 5am – 10am
    • Evening : 4pm – 6pm
  • In case of any patient needs, please contact nursing station.
  • You are requested to contact public relation officer in connection with your suggestions/complaints and any enquiry regarding hospital services.
  •  For evaluation of Hospital services, you are requested to fill up the feedback form provided to you. Your suggestion will help us to serve you better.
  • You are requested to throw waste substances in waste baskets itself. You will be fined in case of throwing waste through the window.
  • Admitted patients having star health insurance should contact insurance counter within the day of admission.